Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Barcelona. Spain in American History - Spanish-American War 1898

Spain in America.

Review not only Christopher Columbus, but also the Spanish-American War, and how the United States obtained its old interest in the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Remember the Maine? This was the battleship that the US sent into Havana, Cuba to show the Spanish who was in charge when an insurrection was going on there.

But Spain sank it. The US rallied public opinion at home (governments are good at that) and declared war.: http//

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bullfights Barred - Live Coverage TV

Since 1948, live bullfighting has been broadcast on Spanish TV, TV Espaniola. No mas. Tapes only. News August 24, 2007 - Hartford Courant page D5. Hundreds of bullfights are usually broadcast live March-October.

Those in favor: turning on TV should not mean having to see what bullfights do, especially when the matador is unskilled. Kids see enough violence.

Those against: for those who can't afford the ring (65 million can or do anyway), or watch cable (fees), at least keep this national cultural iconic pastime on the air.

Resolution: do tapes only, on late-night show.

This American bull approves, but is lobbying for a no-kill policy, as in Portugal. See The rodeo lobby supports PETA, see, and adds to the platform, no cinching. The slaughterhouse lobby just says enough period. See