Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Barcelona. Reial Major Palace; Roman Wall, Concert

The Reial Major Palace by name only corresponds to the Reial Menor Palace, the reconstructed chapel whose history dates back to the Templars. The Reial Major site dates back to the Romans, and probably to peoples antecedent.  And after the Romans and the Visigothic Kings came the Moors.

It is, overall, a big old dark L of a place, with part of the Roman Wall incorporated and Moorish bits ill-disquised, and that is a good thing.  There is a handy stage area set up to draw you in by sound to a street otherwise not especially noticeable.

Counts of Barcelona!  Kings of Aragon!  The full panoply is here.

Moorish arch architecture is still visible where the later remodelers liked right angles rather than grace.

The complex comprises several buildings, see  The 4th Century Roman wall is impressive for its good condition.

Identifying photographs by select tourist posters helps keep places straight.  Here, in the evening, follow the sounds.

Why Groucho?  There was a fine medley of older music, including ragtime. Is that is?

Back to the music.  This was a fine accent to the evening.

How to identify fine women on horseback with oriflamme?  This kind of medieval battle pennant was carried aloft and if it fell, the nearest warrior was to get it back up again -- the oriflamme, see 

Is this Ramon Berengeur IV?  There is a large freestanding statue of him in similar flowing cape-garb.  Or is this a woman? Enlarged, it looks masculine, with a rounded beard there.

Arches that also look remodeled but here the little graceful ones look filed into a simpler frame.  Blind arches, or arches to nowhere, seem to be a common theme, with all the contrasting occupiers here, each using this and discarding that, see